Pharoah Ants Have Their Presence In Columbus Georgia

Hi, this is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I want to talk about Pharaoh ants. We’re going to talk a little bit about them, where they infested and why, how to control the Pharaoh Wan, and maybe some useful information. Have you ever tried to control some very small ants and notice that more ants appeared after you spray? Before I begin to describe the Pharaoh and I will tell you that this is one ant that will not be controlled by spraying. In fact, spraying makes it impossible to control spraying put stress on the ant colony so they bud which means they split into smaller colonies which in turn, multiply and produce many more ants. The Pharaoh ant does not have to swarm to mate, as most other ants have to they mate inside the colony as the need arises. The best way to control Pharaoh acts is by using Bates label for the Pacific use on Pharaoh acts. In Georgia and Alabama. The Pharaoh ant cannot survive our winters outside so they’re prone to live inside of the buildings. They forged for water as hard as they forge for food and kidney have been known to forge on open wounds and patients and hospitals. In fact, the pharaoh weighing in hospitals is a major problem in most hospitals. Now, in the summer months, Pharaoh ants will forge outside as well as inside of buildings that Pharaoh and is no larger than 1/12 of an inch has a light yellow or reddish body with black shading on the rear of its abdomen. They very seldom stain these ants will eat almost anything, but they sign them for things like sweet proteins and sleeve a scent trail to their food sources. Bait can be one of their food sources. Spraying will destroy the control with ants, inspection and Apple baiting lead locations or navy for positive control of the Pharaoh and Pharaoh ants can be in the basement floor and they can be on on the top of the roof. Also, using several types of bait seems to work quicker as x changed their food preferences just like humans do. The successful control of fire of excuse me, the successful control of Pharaoh ants will test your patience. I guess I was thinking about fire ants because they test your patience to now this is Roger tinker with all star pest control and if I can be of any help to you, please feel free to call me

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