Termite Renewal Increases By Some Big Columbus Pest Control Companies

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. I want to talk about some annual termite renewals that have been raised by a company that I will not name,
I will tell you it’s a big box company. And this deals with an example of a customer paying $400 A month excuse me, meant $400 a year for their annual termite baiting system. Now, I use the same system exactly the same.
And the reports that have come in, and I will tell you that had been verified that a typical $400 A year renewal has been raised to 14 or $1,500 a year. And there was a newscaster there that investigated and actually talk to an official of the company that verified that they had done that period. And that the reason that has been done is they have had a lot of damage claims and they have had to raise the renewals in order to try to recover the money that has been spent on damage claims and of course, damage claims is with a typical guarantee and warranty a warranty and guarantee have it’s listed by the company that wrote the program. Is it any termite damage that recur occurs after the home or property has been traded that the company that traded it is responsible for the repair? I will tell you that in not all but most cases, if renewal was $400. Or treatment can be done for somewhere around the $1,400 that these renewals have gone up. That is one thing to consider regardless of what company that you’re talking about. The socket thing is, is that and I’m on tread lightly. But I’m going to tell you that since 1979, I’ve been involved in about four damage claims and have traded 1000s of houses. And the reason that I remained a small company was so that we could supervise what we do. I’ve only had one damage claim that was $10,000. And I had insurance that paid $8,000 of it. And they did not raise my rates because of the fact that I’d had so many houses traded that did not have damage to them. The thing that comes to my mind and that’s why I’m doing this podcast is that if there were that many houses treated and that many claims. My only conclusion is that’s not bad luck. That’s bad treatment. And the state does have their minimum standards. And the state does have good inspectors that come in and check us on a regular basis. But I’m also gonna say I think part of our success is at minimum standards is enough to fulfill the requirements of the law. but it’s not always enough to take care of a problem. We use a combination treatment where we liquid treat suspected areas and we use the bait system and failures of the bait system is when people do not go and check the bait stations on a regular basis and termite come back and there’s no bait to for them to take to the column and eliminate the colony. Being a small company I can personally supervise the people that we have doing our quarterly inspections and bait replacement. And so on at this point, I do not feel guilty to tell you that if your renewal has gone from $500 a year to $1,600 a year or your $350 renewal has gone to $1,350 a year that before you pay that renewal I would ask you to give us a call and let us give you a price on what it would take to trade it, guarantee it and then have your house protected by company with her reputation that when they treat it right. The termites don’t come back. This is Roger tinker with all star pest control. And if I can help you please give me a call

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