Asian Cockroach, Have You Heard of Them Here in Columbus Ga?

This is Roger tankar, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. I want to discuss some basic information about the Asian cockroach today. Blattella asahinai the Asian cockroach - adult 05This information for people that live within a 60 mile radius of Columbus, Georgia and they make, say the Alabama the Asian cockroach looks a lot like the German rogues. But unlike the German rope, Asian cockroach can fly. The Asian cockroaches about a half inch to five eighths of an inch long is light brown to tan in color, and has two parallel black bars and striped on the pronoun shield, which is a covering over the head. It’s very hard to tell the difference between the German cockroach and Asian cockroach and again, the German cockroach does not flat and the Asian cockroaches a very good flat. Asian cockroaches were first found in Florida in the early 80s. They were discovered in Georgia and Alabama around 2008. The Asian cockroach becomes active at night and does not live inside our homes. Many people report being attacked by flying roaches. The Asian cockroach is attracted to the light and tries to fly into the house when people enter their home at night. So they think they’re being attacked. The first line of defense is to install yellow lights on the outside as insects are not attracted to yellow lights. Now for whatever it’s worth insects are attracted to blue lights. So you certainly don’t want to use a blue light. The second thing is to close your drapes at night if you’re having a problem with Asian cockroaches, so they’re not attracted to looking at your house. Applying pesticides inside the home is not known a controlled Asian cockroach because they live primarily outside and only attracted to the lights in your home as previously discussed. The Asian cockroach moves and leaf litter grassy areas in moat and under shrubbery. You can scatter baits outside the grassy areas offer the best control for the bass control use scatter bait need to be applied every 30 days. Generally control is achieved in about 90 days. I wish control was quicker than that. But that’s as quick and it’s going to happen. However, Asian cockroaches can fly well over 100 feet from their habitat, which means I can come from your neighbor’s yard into your house and try to come in. Of course if they ain’t your neighbor’s yard, you can tell your neighbor hide or control the Asian cockroach and make both of you happy. This is Roger Tinker. And if I can help you be sure and give me a call. Thank you

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