Did You Know There are Argentine Ants in Columbus Georgia? Really!

Linepithema Argentine antThis is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of All Star Pest Control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I am discussing the argentine ant, where they came from their habits and how to control them. The argentine ant came to us oddly from Argentina and Brazil around 1890. It is thought that they came into New Orleans with coffee man shipped to United States. The Argentine ant is light to dark brown, and his size ranges from 1/16 of an inch to over one quarter of an inch long. Individual colonies can grow to over 3000 and spread over large areas outside Argentine ant colonies do not five other Argentine ant colonies, but they will eliminate other species of ant colonies. Argentine ants will mash near insects that feed on plants, under sidewalks, rocks and mulch. These ants have sweets and 10 to such and sex is a phage show they can have a supply of the honeydew that the aphids make. Argentine ants out show enter buildings look for things that are sweet to eat. I recommend using a non repellent pasture shot around the foundation perimeter of the home. Following the animals recommended by the label. These animals must be maintained or the ant will return. Also spraying onto the plants around the home will help eliminate the aphids that the Argentine ants are attracted to dust in Wall voids where the ants are found nesting. And around the home is another treatment method. Lot of people use sweet baits inside the home to control the ants and I disagree with them. I put the ants on the outside to draw them away from nastran in the home. These are basic recommendations as no two homes are the same. Which means treatment mattered. recommendations will vary. Please call me if I can assist you in any way.

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