Big Bed Bugs in Columbus Georgia

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. My subject today is big bed bugs. Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and other animals. They are typically reddish brown in color and about the size of an apple seed. After feeding bedbugs swell and turn a darker red. While bedbugs are normally small, there have been reports and I have seen bedbugs growing to much larger sizes. These large bedbugs can be up to twice the size of a normal bedbug, and they can be much more difficult to control. There are a few reasons why bedbugs are growing larger. One possibilities they are simply adapting to the environment. Bedbugs have become increasingly resistant to pesticides, so they are evolving to become bigger and tougher, which is not a surprise to this 40 year veteran in the business. Another possibility is that bedbugs the large ones may be a new species. There are over 90 species of bedbugs in the world, and some of them are much larger than our common Bedbug. It is possible that one of these larger species is becoming more common. Whatever the reason for the increase in the size of bedbugs. They are growing concern for pest control professionals and homeowners alike. Large bedbugs are more difficult to control. They can lay more eggs are normal bed bugs. This means that a large bedbug infestation can be very difficult to control. If you’re concerned that you have a large bedbug infestation there are a few signs to look for. bedbug bites are typically itchy and red and they may appear in clusters. If you’ve been bitten by large bedbugs, the bites may be larger and more painful than a normal bed bug by bedbug leave black faecal spots on bedding ferns and walls. If you see physical spots larger than usual, this may be a sign of a large bedbug infestation. Live bedbugs. Large bedbugs easier to see than normal bedbugs so you may be able to spot them crawling around on your bedroom on your bedding. If you see a bedbug that’s larger than Appleseed. This is a sign of a large bedbug infestation. Now let’s talk about how to get rid of them. If you think you have a large bedbug infestation, it’s important to call a pest control professional, large bedbug can be very difficult to get rid of on your own. Even before we had the large bedbug show up about half hot calls where somebody had just a rumor to treat in the house or they use chemical only and not the bedbugs down and then they came back with a vengeance. That will tell you there’s a variety of methods that all pest control companies can use to get rid of them. They can use heat treatments that are effective, including the large bedbugs, heat treatment, raise the temperature your home to a level that is fatal for the Bedbug. You also have stain treatments is not quite as intrusive as eating the house where you use the steam machine to steam the furniture and all there’s a bedbugs are and you can roast and boil done. chemical treatments can be effective at killing big bugs, but they may need to be applied multiple times to be effective against large bedbugs. And also, they’re again they’re chemicals that just don’t kill the eggs. And if you don’t kill the eggs, the bedbugs are going to come back. There’s a treatment that uses liquid nitrogen and phased phrase of bedbugs to death. And this is supposedly an effective way of killing bedbugs. But it’s not one that I have done so I can’t give you an experience on that. Part of it is that’s probably the most expensive way to do it. It’s important to know that getting rid of large bedbugs can be a long and expensive process. It may take several weeks, even months to completely get rid of them when I’ll tell you this. In most cases, after a couple of weeks, the bedbug should be gone if it’s treated properly. Now, the best way to prevent large bedbugs is avoid to bring them in your home in the first place. Last look at some things you can do. inspect any used furniture bedding Catholic before you bring it in your home. Wash all clothing and bedding and hot water after traveling and put on the dryer so the dryer can heat it up to about 125 degrees. This will kill any bedbugs and any bedbugs eggs. Be careful about staying in hotels and motels as they can be infested with bedbugs. I would go in and inspect the room first look particularly behind the bed board the headboards on the wall and pull the covers up and look on the mattresses and see if you’ve seen any bedbugs. If you do, you probably want to go to another hotel. You can use mattress protectors and pillowcases prevent bedbug from getting in your bed. If you think you have a large infestation. Again, it’s important to call a pest control professional immediately. They are hard to get rid of on your own. But a professional can do the job and also give you a guarantee on your hard earned money that you spent to do that. This is Roger tinker with all star pest control and if I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me

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