Cat Fleas Are Infesting Columbus Georgia Cats!

Hi, this is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of All Star Pest Control in Columbus, Georgia. Today, I want to talk about the cat flea. I think a lot of people have figured out that their dog has cat fleas and if you figure that out, you are right. But let’s look at some information on the cat flea is a small wingless insect that is a parasite of cats and other pets. It’s the most common flea found in the home, whether it be a cat or dog or rabbit or other pets. Fleas are blood sucking parasites that can cause a number of problems on the host, including itching, skin irritation and allergic reactions.

They can also transmit disease, such as tapeworms and Cat Scratch disease. The fleas life cycle has four stages are egg larvae, pupa, and adult. This is kind of similar to the life stage of a butterfly. You know you have an egg, a caterpillar, a cocoon an adult. And so those correspond with the four stages as I just called out. The female fleet lays about 20 eggs a day which hatch in the lobby within a few days. That’s the worm. The lobby feed on organic matters such as pet dander, and dust mites and pupi eight and about two weeks, the adults emerge from the pupa and seek out a host animal to feed on. The most common sign of a cat flea infestation is itching, catch and dole for scratch excessively, especially at their ears, Nick and tail.

Unfortunately, they may also develop skin lesions or hair loss. flea bites can cause allergic reaction in your pet which can manifest in redness, swelling and have a vetinarian can diagnose a cat flea infestation by examining your pet scan for fleas or their droppings. There are a number of products available to treat flea infestations. It’s also important to treat all pets in the household as well as environment to prevent reinfestation. The best way to prevent a cat flea infestation is keep your pitch coat clean and free fleas which I recommend giving your pet a bath at least once a week. You can do this household by brushing your your pet regularly and using a flea comb to remove any fleas or eggs that are present. You should also treat with a fleet preventive medication, like a lot of the things that the vet sale now they weren’t but they’re not going to totally prevent an infestation.

Here’s some additional tips you can keep the patch bedding drying clean. vacuuming your home regularly, particularly with carpets and furniture. Dispose of vacuum bags that contain where you vacuum for the fleas in a ziplock bag so that any fleas that hatch from the eggs that you vacuumed up cannot get back into the house. And, of course you always trade your yard for fleas, whether you think they’re in the yard or not. What happens is you’ll treat the inside the fleas or run outside to get away from it. And when the Flea Treatment dies, they’ll come back inside. I will also mention at this point, because this is good information. We have a Flea Treatment Program that we’d do and guarantee it for one year. If you’re interested in that as certainly we’d love to hear from you. This is Roger Tinker and I hope that I’ve given you some information that can help you

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