Columbus Georgia Homeowners NEED Annual Termite Baiting

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today, I want to talk about annual termite baiting. There is on the label
termite system that says that if you use one cartridge that you can service at four month intervals, very if you put two of these cartridges in the bait station, you can serve as at a 12 month animal. And I am actually very afraid to wait 12 months to service and account for the profitability of doing that only having to go one time a year versus several times a year is certainly more profitable. But if the termites have eaten the bait, several months before that 12 month period, then they’re gonna go eat the house. And what we have done over the years is use a cartridge that is good for 120 days, and go every 30 Am excuse me every 90 days, so that we’re still going to the house four times a year. Since we have damage guarantee on all our properties, I feel that it is important to service her on a quarterly basis that we take care of and ensure that there is no reinfestation in the house. And while that cost us a little more money to service or renewal, I feel like we give the customer a much better service. I would say that I would think real hard if you were trying to decide if an annual inspection is good for you. I would really think real hard about that. We keep our damage claims very very low because we do inspect our properties. And we do service the bait stations every 90 days to ensure that the cartridges always fall because if that cartridge has been eaten, the termites have no other place to go but the house this is Roger tinker with all star pest control. If you have any questions, please call me

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