Columbus Ga, Heard of Wood Decay Fungus?

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I’m going to discuss another wood destroying organism known as wood decay fungus, surface molds and mildews may make the woodlands ugly, but they do not physically damage the strength of the wood. Wood decay fungus does weaken the wood. So how do you tell the difference? Would it feel spongy is probably infested with wood decay fungus, it may sound strange water does not rot wood, moisture can trigger wood decay fungus to grow, the moisture content of the wood has to reach 28% To trigger growth, and then 20% or higher moisture content will keep the wood decay fungus active. Simply lowering the moisture content of the wood will normally stop the growth. This is achieved by increasing the ventilation on the house and installing a moisture barrier. The idea is to remove the moisture that hangs in the air under the house. When you lower the moisture content of the wood, the wood decay fungus will stop growing in most cases, some wood decay fungus types can grow roots that feed the fungus from the ground and those roots need to be found and cut off. Last but not least, a good moisture meter is a sure way to measure the moisture content of the wood. The best way to remove the moisture from under the house is to install a moisture barrier and make sure you have proper ventilation. For moisture to flow from under the house. a moisture barrier should cover at least 70% of the soil under the house. The International residential bedding code requires rental requirements for ventilation are not sufficient, in my opinion. I still take at least one ventilate on each side of the structure is necessary for proper moisture removal. Please, please feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way Transcribed by

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