Dry Wood Termites, What Columbus Ga. Homeowners Need To Know

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I’m going to discuss a few basic facts about dry wood termites. There are very few dry wood termites found in the Columbus and Phoenix shady area. I’ve only encountered them a couple of times in 40 years here. They prefer much warmer areas where we’ve been where we live. You will find a few more in Georgia and Alabama near the Florida border than in this area. They can survive and stay active in the winter if the area they have infested is a well heated area such as an attic. The dry wood termites do not have contact with a soul as they fly into the structure to infested. The name dry wood tells us they do not need moist wood to survive. They are generally a pale yellowish brown to a pale reddish brown in color. The most common way to detect a dry wet termite infestation is by the hard fecal pallets below the wood that they have infested. They can be in when the frames door frames, trim eaves as well as roof joists in other word in the attic. Treatments can vary. If you ever seen the movie arachnophobia with John Goodman, who plays a termite inspector that fan wood and dry wood termites. When they asked him how you took care of it, he says you take out the bad wood and put into good wood. And that actually works in some cases if the infestation is minor. Some medium type infestations can be traded with chemical poke directly on the wood. And the larger infestations will require putting a tent over the whole house from fumigating it the main thing is to prevent dry wet termite from entering your home. I would like to note here that the same things you do to keep birds and bats from flying into your house are essentially the same thing you do prevent dry wet termite having entry to your house soffit ins ridge vents and gable vents should be screened with fine mesh wire. So drop dry wood termites, formers cannot enter cracks and gaps on the outside of the house should be cold. bare wood and poorly painted wood should also be painted. This is Roger tinker. And if I can ever give you any help pale fleas to call a contact me Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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