Columbus Georgia Lizards, Oh My!

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of All Star Pest Control in Columbus, Georgia. I have been getting a lot of calls to my office about lizards. In this discussion, I’m going to talk about lizards in Georgia and Alabama. Why you should not handle them what they eat, and finally, how to get rid of them. There are about 18 species of lizards in Georgia and about 16 species of lizards in Alabama. None of these are poisonous, but they do care salmonella, so you should not try to catch him or pick them up. And yes, we do have several species of the gecko lizard in Georgia and Alabama. Lizards eat a whole lot of things like plants, fruits and vegetables. They also eat cockroaches, ants, spiders, crickets, grasshoppers, locusts, flies, and even small animals. I recently read a story about a lizard in Atlanta, that was attacked by a small bird. The lizard was about five inches long and last ditch tail in the fight, but a lizard managed to kill the bird. There are many products and home remedies to kill up event lizards. I will name a few of them which are hot South pepper, egg shells, coffee power, garlic, onion, bleach, lemon grass essential oils and mouth moles. It should be noted that mouth balls are regulated by EPA, and any label on them should be followed. It has been my experience that when the insect from around the home or eliminate it, the little lizards will disappear. Lizards are reptiles and not insects. So Roach and ant sprays are not labeled to kill lizards. But if you kill the roaches, ants and other insects, the lizards will probably go somewhere else to find food. If I can help you with any problem with lizards or any other pest problem, please feel free to give me a call

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