Fire Ants Will Sting And Make You Burning Mad In Columbus Ga.

This is Roger Tinker owner and general manager of all star pest control located in Columbus, Georgia. In

this discussion I’m going to talk about fire ants in general. In Georgia and Alabama we have both in polar grid fire ant and the southern fire and I will discuss where fire ants are found health concerns about fire ants, and then some information on controlling AND gate getting rid of fire ants that you have encountered. There can be over 100 fire ant mounds per acre and over 250,000 fire ants per colony. Fire Ants can also nest in low voltage and building and in houses. They are attracted to electrical panels and air conditioners and Kanna calls equipment to malfunction. Then I’m from the string of fire ants cause a burning sensation. Fire Ants can sting hundreds of times, they can attack and kill livestock, particularly chickens. I worked on a farm in my early teens, and actually saw a cow that fire ants had killed. stings from fire ants are both health concern for humans, as almost 1% of people stung by fire ants can experience life threatening, anaphylactic shock. Shortly short live control from fire ants can come from spraying pesticides, but the fire ants will soon return. Baiting for fire ants takes time for results, but the results when treated properly, a more permanent. Some baits or stomach poisons and other baits have RG RS, which stands for insect growth regulators. Baits have both stomach poison and iG ours work best. My experience has taught me to apply fire ant bait at the label writes every 90 days even though most bytes are advertised for the last six months to a year. Make sure that the label allows you to do so as a label is alone. As previously stated. Fire Ants can build nest and walls of structures. The use of dust label for the treatment of fire ants will achieve good results. No to fire ant infestations all the same and different methods may be necessary to gain control. Please feel free to call me if you need help with the fire branch.

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