Drain Flies Are Really In Columbus Georgia Drains

This is Roger Tinker owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. My subject today is to help you in eliminating drain flies in your home. Drain flies are actually mouth flies and also known as sewer or filter flies. I will address what a drain fly is why they are found in drains and other parts of the house and how to eliminate them. Drain flies are from 1/16 of an inch to 382 minutes long and fuzzy and a parent’s weak pliers and small enough to crawl through normal flat screens they have found in almost all parts of the world. The color the drying flag can vary from black to brownish gray to light yellow adults are most active at night and usually found around their breeding sites. The drain fry larvae feed on algae, bacteria, sludge, fungi and microscopic animals. airs in the house where this could be found include but not limited to slimy drains, sewer leaks, dirty garbage cans, and so forth. Always inspect these areas and clean rain flies again are usually found near their breeding sites. This makes it easy to to know where you need to clean. The main problem that most people have is how to clean the drains. The most effective way to eliminate drain flies from a drain is to use a phone drain cleaner. Many drains have a recessed area in them that allows bacteria to build up. Pulling liquid down the drains will not clean these recessed areas in the drain. That’s why drain flies are such a problem. The answer is to use a foaming product designed for drain flies. These products work their way into the recess ears where the drain flies bleed and eliminate the food source. Spraying. The flies will kill the adults but will not stop eggs from hatching and becoming larvae which is feed on the staff left in the drange. Please call me if I can help you

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