Cicada Killers are In Columbus Georgia, What Are They?

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. I’m going to discuss what cicada killers look like, why they’re called cicada killers what they do and finally how to control the cicada killers. So Katie killers a wasp that looked like giant yellow jackets and ranged in size from one inch to about one and three quarters inch long. They wasp or black with yellow segments and light orange look and wings and legs. To understand what this KB Keller was Doug’s you may understand a little bit about the cicada. Cicada is an insect that eats and damages branches own trees. They can grow up to three inches long and emerge from the soil around May of each year. Some cicadas can live up to 17 years to paint a number of species. They make a mating song that is high pitched and is very annoying. Now, this Katie Keller wasp is most active from the end of July until the middle of September each year. You will say they’ve washed flying low to the ground in the yard. They’re gonna nose holes in the yard that are about an inch and a half in diameter. Were dirt piles by these holes that they mail cicada callawassie dig these holes to this posit, this A Qaeda that she has paralyzed with her stinger. Then she deposits an egg of her own on top of the cicada that serves as food for the lobby that hatches from her egg in the spring. The lobby go into the pupa stage and then eMERGE is adult. So Katie callawassie In the early summer. The male sir Katie Taylor was flies over the lawn and scares off anyone that gets near the holes in the ground. Even though they are very aggressive. This a Katie killer Wasp does not have a stinger. Now, the female has a stinger but will only use it to defend herself if she feels like she’s being attacked. spraying pesticides to control so Katie callawassie will have little effect on their control and will probably result in you getting stone. What I have learned that works is using dust that is labeled for flying insects. The dash we use does not repel the loss, but instead allows him to continue in and normal patterns why they get into the dust. This method allows us to kill all the adults on several days and outside leaves dust in the holes to kill the Wasp hatch before they emerge in the summer. The dust will yield will last for several years. Please call me if I can help you in any way

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