Powder Post Beetles Are Here in Columbus Georgia

Hello, this is Roger  Tinker , owner and general manager of All Star Pest Control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I’m going to discuss another wood destroying organism known as powder post beetles. Unfortunately, a lot of termite inspectors overlooks powder post beetles, because they find termites and then they quit looking. I had to learn to look for all the wood destroying organisms under a house and not just the easy ones. And of course you inspect on the outside of the house as well as under and you inspect inside.

The best way that I can describe what you’re looking for under a house is to look at the floor joists, which are usually two by eight and the sound flowing when looking for powder post beetles is infestation that’s usually identified by small one eight holes found in clusters on the word I use relate to this if it looks like somebody hit the Woodward a shotgun shell look at the ground under the holes to see it there’s piles of wood dust are fresh. If you don’t see piles of fresh or wood dust or what you may want to call Saul dust tap around the holes and see if any frost or salt does or whatever falls out. You can you have an active infestation if either these things happen.

In other words, you solved us falls out the holes that’s active infestation. However, if no salt dust or fresh flowers out of the holes and there’s no soul dust a fresh on the ground that indicates that the infestation is not active. And that is probably been previously treated. This is Roger tinker with all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. And if I can help answer any other questions, please feel very free to call me

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