Brown Recluse Spiders in Columbus Georgia

Hi, this is Roger Tinker owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. I will be discussing the brown recluse spider today, we will describe the brown loose clue spider and then I’m going to talk about two incidents that I’ve had with the spider. And finally some control measures. The brown recluse spider is tend to dark brown in color and has a violent marking on its back. Most people do not feel the brown recluse spider bite them later. When symptoms develop. People have no idea what bit them and to further complicate things. Therefore people react differently to the bite that can be little or no reaction to the bite. Meaning bites will cause redness, itching with pains and wounds that can lead to blisters, open wounds and scars. This is just a few of the symptoms. The spiders only bite when they feel threatened or they are provoked. Unfortunately, we can threaten or provoke the brown recluse spider without knowing what you have done. So the first episode involves my 14 Then my nephew that was 14 years old Brad. When Brad came home from a weekend of camping. He complained that his big toe hurt, it was red and was swollen. And Brad had a fever, whose parents took him to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, and the hospital could not identify the bite. My brother called me and we discussed the events leading up to the campout the sleeping bag had been stored in the garage over the women and a pile of stuff. I concluded that the Spider was in the sleeping bag. The spider bed him when his foot invaded the spiders territory in the sleeping bag, then faxed information from the malleus Handbook of pest control to Emory so that they could identify the bite and treat my nephew. The second instance deals with clauses that Oh, close the story and over my 40 plus years are doing pest control, I haven’t clamp in camera, round clean spiders in areas where the air is mostly or stagnant, and particularly where things are in storage. The brown and blue spot is just that they want to live undisturbed, hence the name recluse I recommend being very careful when moving things that have been in storage. Now, as with any pest control, sanitation is very important factor. Sprays Do not you do very good controlling spiders, because the spider, his legs are kind of like getting protected up against the surfaces where the chemicals are. In the sense they don’t clean antennae or lick their legs like spiders do, they don’t take chemical into their body. What we have found is that using dust and cracks and crevices where the spiders hide, have the best results and you don’t go in and just get rid of a spot in two or three minutes. It takes a lot of work and a lot of patience to dust the areas where the spot is off so you can achieve control. Of course there’s other types of treatments out there. But they are not the easiest thing to control. There are many pro and cons in in how you treat a house and no two houses are the same. So no two treatments are gonna be the same. Please call or contact me if I can be any assistance.

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