Rats In Columbus Georgia and What To Do!

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of All Star Pest Control in Columbus, Georgia. I will discuss rats today. This information is for folks that live in a 60 mile radius of Columbus, Georgia, and Phoenix city, Alabama. I’m going to discuss some basic information about the Norway rat and the roof rat. Long chapters and books have been written about each of these rats. Again, I’m going to discuss just basic information. The Norway rat weighs as much as one pound, and the roof rat can weigh a little over a half a pound. Both rats are generally active at night. The Norway rat does not like to climb although he can and is found burn in the soul outside and then coming into home to the basement of the lower part of the home. The Norway rat is a good swimmer, and can actually on some occasions swim through toilets. They prefer a mate but they eat almost any human food. The roof rat is an excellent climber, and usually Anna’s other upper part of the home. But they can nest outside in trees, their food preference on vegetables, fruits, eggs and grains. But again, human food, both the Norway rat and the roof rack I’ll call commensal rodents, which means share the table. They like what you eat. That is why they invade your home, rats are looking for something to eat. Now here’s a side note, snakes will find their way to homes that have rats. Because rats are a big part of many snakes die.

It’s been estimated that we lose up to 1/3 of our food supply to rat rats like to now which is chew and our response for damage to structures and a probably respond for many undetermined causes of fire because they chewed the electrical wires and cross map and now you got to fire the droppings of a Norway rat or three quarters of an inch long with blunt ends and the roof rash dropping or half inch long with pointed edge. This helps identify which rat is present in your home. mice have droppings at a quarter inch long with pointed ends. The droppings of house miles and rats contain allergens that can trigger asthma in some people. Many people want to trap or buy Rat Bait to get rid of the rat and that alone seldom works very long. Rat proofing is a necessary part of eliminating Rach Rach can enter the home through cracks no blockage is in three eighths of an inch out. So our note that mice only need one quarter of an inch to move around in the home. So you need to eliminate cracks and crevices in openings in your home. They should include installing door sweet so I’m like cracks under doors. Any place that you miss as well the rat will come into your home so you must be thorough in your rodent proofing. I do not put rat made inside the home.

I try to intercept them before they come in to home. We place Rat Bait and tamper proof rover stations on the outside of the home. This teaches a rat to feed outside the home instead of looking for food inside of the home. Of course, we use baits at rats like to eat cheese is not one rat favorite menu of things to eat. The bait stations need to be serviced on a frequent basis to keep the rats feeding there instead of them coming into the home to look for food. It is to be noted that rats are very shy of anything new and they can take up to a week or longer to feed on something new that they have found. I do not like trapping is I hate using bait because a mother will take the bait back and feed her babies which also helps control the rat population. Please call me if you have any questions. Thank you

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