My Columbus Ga Dog Has Fleas, Fleas Suck!!

This is Roger Tinker. And I want to talk to you today about fleas. Now, understanding the four stages of development will make it easier to control any flea infestation. The stages of development are egg, larvae, pupa and adult. The adult stage is only stage at bites, adult fleas must have a blood meal to survive. I will explain each stage egg. Most eggs hatch in one to six days. The lava, this stage last

from 6 to 36 days. The lava looks similar to maggots, and are usually found on patch or deep within the fibers of carpet and pet bed. Regular pesticide will have no effect on the larval stage of the fleet.

Number three, the pupa the last instar larva spins a cocoon that provides camouflage and protection from pesticides on the pupa stage. The pupa stage last about 7 or 14 days but in favorable conditions it can last up to a year in a state of dormancy much like a bear in hibernation. Number four the adult hatches from the pupa stage when conditions are favorable. These conditions include a change in moisture or change your humidity and vibration. Rain can provide these conditions out so re-enter a house returning from vacation can provide the conditions. Adult fleas much must have some kind of host to obtain blood from to survive. Humans, pets and rodents provide these blood meals. There are many factors of control. Normal flea sprays kill adult fleas only in a few days, when the residual strength of the flea spray has gone more pupa hatch this produces more new fleas at bite. That is why people continue to spray and spray and have no control over the fleas. The best method that I have found is to use a flea insecticide with the insect growth regulator along with a good pesticide label for flight control. With a very low degree of toxicity, the insect growth regulator overdoses a lobby wit

h its own growth hormone and prevent larvae from becoming pupa. This stops the growth cycle of the fleet. I have not found a product that actually kills flea eggs. I have tried many of these products, but I have no success with them. There are three areas that must be addressed to have successful flea control. Number one, the patch must have the fleas removed from them and use some sort of product protect them from the fleas. Number two, the answer the home must be treated with a flea insecticide and an insect growth regulator to control the fleas inside. Preparation of the home prior to treatment is essential. Number three, the entire yard needs to be traded with a flea insecticide and insect growth regulator along with some sand granules that penetrate deeper in the soil than other types of granules. As with the inside of the house yard must be prepared for treatment. Yard needs to be treated even if you don’t say fleas in the yard. The methods I have discussed are basic procedure only. Please call me if you have any questions. This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control and I thank you for your time

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