Termite Treatments In Columbus Georgia Explaind

Hello, this is

Roger Tinker. And I want to talk to you today about termites swarms. Over a four year period. Every year, I encountered several people that say, Well, I’m okay all my termite was Raid, or Hot Shot or Black Flag or something like that. And I tried to explain to them, that the ones that swarm do not do any damage, their only job is to mat

e and make new colonies, they do not have the ability to attack wood. However, the only way that swarmers can fly out is through the mud tubes that the workers or the nimps have made to get into the home to bail shelter tubes, and thereby consume wood. So the swarmer actually is your best friend because I tell you, hey, look, we’re eating your house down. And it’s gonna take a lot more than just spraying a little household chemical or get rid of them. It involves an extensive treatment to get the termites out of the house. And the last thing you want is to use a Raid or Hot Shot and then a year later find out you’ve got 1000s of dollars to repair because you didn’t have the home traded properly. Thank you for your time.

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