Termites Found in Georgia and Alabama, Columbus Area

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today we’re gonna be talking about termites that are found in Georgia and Alabama. These wood eating insects can cause significant damage to homes and other structures. There are three main types of termites found in these states. The subterranean termite lives in the soil and bale mud tubes to travel between their nest and food sources. Now, they’re the most common in this area. Now, that also includes the Formosan termite, which is much more aggressive than the Eastern subterranean termite that we’ve had for years. dry wood termites live in dry dead wood, they do not need moisture from the soul, and they do not have to have direct contact with the ground. They usually fly in through gable vents and so forth. damp wood termites live in moist words such as wood that’s been exposed to water damage, they’re not near as common as the subterranean or the dry wood termites. But if you have them, they can cause significant damage. Termites can be difficult to detect, but here are a few signs that you may have an infestation. These include swarming termites termite swarm during the spring and the summer. And if you see termites, you know there’s an infestation nearby. The wing termites are often found in homes, but they’re always a sign of infestation. Wing termites may have come in from the outside or may have hatched eggs that were already in the home. But in either case, you got a problem. Damage to wood. termites eat wood, they can do significant damage. And they’re hard to tell. If you say mud that you’d keep sweeping up around a wall or some something that means that the termites have met tunnels inside the voids where you can’t see them. If you think you have a termite infestation, it’s important to call a pest control professional Termites can cause significant damage if they’re left untreated. One of the main problems I’ve seen in over 40 years is people will kill a swarm with just a regular household product and think the problems gone. And then three years later and $10,000 worth of damage later, they decide that need the house treated where they probably could have saved the $10,000 in damage and just had the house treated. Now here’s some tips for preventing termite infestation. Keep the home dry. Termites need moisture survive, so it’s important to keep your home dry. This means fixing any leaks or moisture problems in your home. Next one seal any cracks or gaps in your foundation exterior walls. Termites can enter your home through these openings. Have your home inspected for termite damage regularly. This will help you catch an infestation in its early stage before it becomes an expensive damage repair infestation. Last but least consider having your home traded for termites, even if you don’t have them. At that point, you would have a warranty and it would be up to the pest control company to take care of any infestation that would happen later. And if a company has a damage warranty, this would pay for any damage that the termites did as well. That’s a pretty good investment. This is Roger Tinker. And if I can help you certainly give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have

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