Yellow Legged Hornet In Columbus Georgia

Hi, this is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus Georgia. Today I’m going to talk about the yellow legged Hornet. Now I’m on tell you I had to study to find out about this creature myself no person that deals with entomology knows everything all the time. What brought this to my attention is earlier this month, the Georgia Pest Control Association sent all the pest control operators a memo that early in August in Savannah, Georgia, a beekeeper had spotted the yellow legged Hornet. And as it turns out, this is gonna be a major problem. So let me talk about the yellow legged Hornet and then we’ll talk about what we can do together to try not to have a problem. The yellow legged Hornet is an invasive species, first detected in August of 2023 here in Georgia. This is a this Hornet is native to Southeast Asia, and is known for its aggressive behavior and its predicate presentation on honey bees. Now, that’s where our problem lies. You only get Hornets larger than honey bees, and they have a painful steam. They are also very agile and they can swoop down and capture honey bees in midair. Once a honeybee is captured, the yellow legged Hornet will sting it repeatedly then carry it back to its nest to feed its larvae. A single yellow legged Hornet can kill up to 40 Honey bees in a day. This can be devastating. This can have a devastating impact on the honey bee population, as honey bees are a central pollinators of Crocs and other plants. In Georgia, honeybees are worth an estimated $2.2 billion to the state’s economy. The loss of honeybees due to the yellow legged Hornets could have a significant impact on that state’s agricultural industry. The Georgia Department of Agriculture is working to track and eradicate yellow legged Hornets. They are asking the public to report any sighting of these Hornets. If you see a yellow legged Hornet, do not attempt to approach and handle it. If you do, you’re gonna be sorry. Instead call the Georgia Department of Agriculture and get your pencil on piece of paper and write this number down 1-888-424-2765 Our repeat that number 1-888-424-2765 Here’s some tips to help protect your honey bees from yellow legged Hornets. Play should have a location that’s not easily accessible warnings, installed screens or netting around your house to prevent Hornets from entering. Use traps to catch Hornets. Monitor your hives regularly for signs of damage or infestation. By taking these steps you can help protect your honey bees from the yellow egg get on it and help ensure Georgia’s agriculture industry future. In addition to honey bees yellow legged Hornets household pose a threat to humans. The stings are painful and can cause allergic reactions. If you’re stung by a young legged Hornet, don’t take it lightly. Please seek medical attention immediately. Let’s work together and eradicate the state of this new medicine past. This is Roger tanker and if I can be of any help, please feel free to call me

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