Black Widow Spiders Reside In Columbus Georgia

Hi, this is Roger tanker owner and manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I’m going to be talking about black widow spiders. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about black winters we’re going to talk about the baits how to control the black widow spider and some useful information. Black Widow has a shiny black with a red hourglass on the belly for our species or with a spouse or family, the United States and we have the southern Black Widow in Georgia and Alabama. Also the brown wears spider. I’ll talk about the brown weather spider in another podcast. The black widow spider are known for eating the male after they made it they have opportunity. But what a lot of folks don’t know Is it the male will escape most of the time, and then go find another female to mate with. He keeps pushing his luck. Most people bitten by black widow spiders suffer intense pain in their muscles. Because of the toxic nature of the venom. bites are painful and should be taken very seriously. A bite can usually be identified by little red spot and often red streaks moving away from the bitten area. The anti venom that hospitals can administer usually stop the pain in less than 30 minutes. The use of pain relievers can help if you cannot get to the hospital, but I strongly recommend getting medical attention as soon as possible. We also note that the pain from the brown weather is much less than the black where the spider dust in cracks and crevices will control spiders much better than most liquid chemicals for insects have little effect on spiders. However, I have found that by using repelling insecticides, as long as a label for spiders, in corners and other potential harbor just for spiders can reduce the number of spiders in a house. Sealing cracks and crevices on the inside and the outside of your home will also help in reducing the number of spiders clean houses not as cluttered is one of the best defenses for not having black widow spiders. We use cobweb dusters on the outside of our customers homes to remove spider webs and encourage our customers use it bring on the inside to do the same thing. When I was working for the Macon waterworks about 50 years ago, we often found black widow spiders in the meter boxes we read or when we were placed in water meters, also encountered them under wood piles and rocks on the dairy farm I worked on as a kid. I think I figured out that the spiders liked to hide and want to be left alone.

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