Bats Flying Around Columbus Georgia, What To Do?

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I want to talk about backs, and I will discuss four things. First, my past experience with bats, the good things that backs do all concerning backs, and finally, hire removed back from your home. About 25 years ago, a friend of mine and I received a phone call, and we were asked to help remove some backs from a widow of a pest control operator. I’m leaving names out on purpose to protect their privacy. gentleman told us he was not allowed to do bat work, but he will tell us how well I’m five foot six, and at that time before I lost a lot of weight, weighed over 300 pounds. But I was the one who got up and went up and down the ladder and also worked in the attic. My skinny friend who helped me was afraid of heights so he did the groundwork. We removed the banks as instructed and learned a whole lot about banks. We did work in Georgia and Alabama for several years. laws changed as I always do and the Department of Natural Resources now requires a wildlife license has specifically a nuisance wildlife control operator’s license. There is no tolerance for violations as DNR does not bring ticket books. They bring handcuffs for violations. Now, one bag can eat several 1000 insects in a night. Insecticides save 55% of the food supply in the United States. However, third world countries can’t afford insecticides. So they use colonies of bats instead, the bats go out at night while everybody sleeps and does pest control for the food crops. There are 16 species of bats in Georgia and it’s illegal to kill any of them. Bats can and should be removed and relocated, but never killed as a fine is $20,000 to kill a bat. And again DNR will take no excuses. Wantto is excretion of Biax and when it is dry, it is very toxic to breathe. In fact it can be deadly as long as backs or they’re the guano is usually still wet and not near as toxic. Removing the batch and leaving the guano will create a much bigger problem. That is why DNR is so strict on the enforcement of the law. I now send off my back work and other wildlife work to mark Hanna who owns and operates landmark, pest and wildlife solutions. Mark is a nuisance wildlife control operator and he can be reached at 478-972-4357 I hope this information has been useful to you. And if I can ever help you or ask any questions about pest control or termite Be sure and call or contact me. Thank you

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