Columbus Georgia’s Best Trained Pest Control Techs

This is Roger Tinker with all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I want to talk about our pest control technicians. Being a pest control technician is more than just a job. If you’re a technician in Georgia, you must first spend at least 70 hours training in the field with a raised a technician or a certified operator. Next, you have to complete 10 hours of classroom training conducted by a certified operator. There’s a 62 page registration manual that you must study and know inside and out, actually do more training for my Tech’s then required by the state to make sure that they are ready for the 100 question test that they must pass in order to register to become a technician. It is at this point that the career can begin because the above training only covers the very basics of pest control. My technicians take a different test each week on material that they study. We have a three hours study and training maybe on the first Friday of each month. Our goal is to be the very, very best trained in the industry. However, no one knows everything. We continue to update and seek out new information to grow our knowledge and performance. I will point out that I spend more time on the basics and less time on the really advanced. We have a course it takes 90 days to complete and we complete it four times every year. I try to stay focused on the basics, and have learned that the rear rail career people will presume the advanced stuff on their own. And of course I’m here to help them with that. We routinely sent technicians to training classes. Our technicians care about their customers and strive to prevent problems before they appear. We love our customers and we hope they love us. This is Roger tinker. And if I can ever help you answer questions about training or anything else that has to do with pest control pills, please feel free to tell me

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