Columbus Georgia Has Bed Bugs, Yes! Bed Bugs

This is Roger Tinker. And I want to talk to you about bedbugs. I talked to a lot of people that tell me they have had their home treated several times for bedbugs, and they still have them. Let me share my experience with bedbugs. Number one, no treatment should begin on a home until the source of the bedbugs has been found. If you get the bedbugs either home and during bring more bedbugs back. You will have to eliminate the bedbugs all over again. bedbugs are not the result of any kind of housekeeping. Dirty half a clean house does not matter. bedbugs are always brought into our home by something. And most usually somebody we ask questions like, who came to visit you? And did that person stay in a motel? Or did you stay at a motel while you’re traveling? And most often, we have more bedbugs brought into this area from the north thing we do anywhere else. Also, we would ask do you work somewhere like a nursing home or has somebody vgvg that worked in a place with high volume of people. Number two, some companies will just treat parts of the house. I disagree with that. I will only treat the whole house. Not trading the whole house is one of the reasons that homes have to be traded over and over. Number three Jasper cows a chemical label says it will kill bedbug eggs does not mean it will kill all of the bedbug eggs. Chemical we’ll kill most of the bad bugs in at least some of the eggs. But eggs that are left behind there are deep within furniture are not affected. The chemicals grow for 30 to 90 days, but the bedbug can hatch 12 months later. So again, another treatment is needed. Number 422 degrees of heat will kill a bedbug or the egg in about one minute. 150 degrees of heat will kill the bedbug and the eggs instantly and 116 degrees just six degrees or it will take 90 minutes to kill a bedbug in our famous produce 317 degrees of E at the novel Yep, we from well done answer only, which means your treatment is done right the first time. Number five house must be prepared for treatment. Some of the things that need to be done is all the clothes need to be put in a dryer that produces over 128 for at least 30 minutes and then placed in bags and a bedbug proof until after the treatment is completed. Now, most dryers run at about 125 degrees. However a commercial dryer in a laundromat is probably the fastest and best option for this. even use your wire should be examined for bedbugs. Number six, on some occasions were put furniture and I hate chamber, which is a trailer with a high output here that will produce about 150 degrees. Number seven. In conclusion, over half of the bedbug treatments, we do it from where people had it done several times and ended up spending more money on the cheaper server. She’s been doing it right the first time. If you have any questions, please call us and we’ll be happy to answer those questions for you. This is Roger tanker signing off and I thank you for your time.

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