Termites Swarm in the Morning in Columbus

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. We’re going to be talking about termites that swarm in the morning. Generally, if a termite has swarmed in the morning, or even the mid day, that’s going to be the Eastern subterranean termite. Now, the reason that termites swarm is so that they can mate, go back to the ground and start another colony. Now, this is how the species survives. Now, the other thing to know is that ants will swarm in the morning the mid day as well. And so how do you tell the difference? You go somewhere like Office Depot, spend three or $4 on a little magnifying glass and take the the insect that has formed. And here’s how we tell them apart. If Hitchin at the waist is pinched, now words the center the waist gonna be about the size of a needle, the elbow, the tent antennae will be elbowed and not straight, and the wings will be two different links. If it’s a termite, the whole body looks like just one straight line. In other words, termites got a broad waist. The antennae are straight, and all four wings on the termite of equal length. Now, particularly the termites can do a lot of damage and when they swarm, you don’t want termites in the house. But if you do you want to see a swarm because that lets you know that they’re killing the termites swarm is not going to stop any damage that’s occurring in the house. And you simply need to call a professional and have them evaluated and tell you what you have there. This is Roger tanker at all star pest control and if I ever be of any service or help, please feel free to call us

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