Termites Swarm in the Evening in Columbus

This is Roger Tinker at all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. I’m the owner and the General Manager. Now, I want to talk about termites hit swarm in the evening. If you see termites and swarm in the evening is usually gonna be somewhere in the month of May or early June, and they will swarm at night. The only termite that swarms at night in May in June is a Formosan termite. Now, for motion termites, like other termite swarm so that they can meet and make new colonies and the seat species survives. That’s how we keep having more and more termite colonies can exceed a million very easily. They came from a colony with American and then a few years a colony they start well have a Megan. Now the one way that you will identify the Formosan termite now with the subterranean termite and your aunt, you kind of had to examine them with a magnifying glass. But a Formosan termite when they swarm you’re gonna see the air actually tented some with a yellowish orange look in the air. And there will be multitudes of these you will not mistake it it will be something like you’ve never seen. Now, for motion termites are much, much more aggressive than the Eastern subterranean termite. And if you see a swarm, you need be on high alert, that you could have damage in your home your home needs to be inspected by somebody that knows how to identify them. On life, how subterranean termite that simply bales mud tubes goes each a little and goes back to the ground. The Formosan termite can actually bail on carton nest in the walls and they are survived by their partner partners can survive and grow within the house where they do damage many times quicker than a subterranean termite. So if you see that please contact somebody to save yourself a lot of damage and a lot of money. This is Roger Tinker, that all star pest control and finding ever be of any help. Please give us a call

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