Columbus Georgia, You Need Quarterly Pest Control Service

Hi, this is Roger Tinker, owner and operator of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today, I’m going to talk about quarterly pest control service. Quarterly pest control services become popular with many companies because they can service more customers with no more increase in people or payroll. And I have to admit, it’s easy to only go four times a year versus 12 times a year for the customer as well as a company. However, the following is my opinion based on years of experience and observations. More pesticide is used on an annual basis doing quarterly pest control than a monthly pest control service that inspection treats only as needed each month. A quarterly system usually sprays everything that the label permits, in order to control anything that might happen. The retreatment of quarterly pest control is about 35% between visits, which means there were problems that developed even with a heavy treatments that are normally done with quarterly account. We have less than a 2% retreatment of our monthly accounts, using methods on a monthly basis that inspects and treats before any problem develops, but only as needed. This is far better for the environment, and also offers superior control for our customers. Another question, what is a real residual or how long is a pesticide really active? The residual of a pesticide does not last longer by mixing it stronger. How long the pesticide last or the residual pesticide is based on how it was engineered. What happens is a pesticide engineered to last 30 days usually lasts about 20 and maybe 25 days. Pesticides engineered to last 90 days only last about 45 to 60 days at the most. This is why retreatments between monthly service visits on quarterly pest control accounts happens. Using a longer residual pesticide where the label permit shorter application times will provide an interrupted protection between service visit which is what we do. There are some times a fine line between protecting the environment and providing customers with the service they deserve. I feel that our monthly service and I message accomplish both. This is Roger Tinker, signing off with a note that if I can be of any help, please contact me

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