Did You Know Widow Spiders Can Be Brown Too, Brown Widow Spiders!

Hi, this is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. I want to talk about the brown weather spotter today. We’ll talk a little bit about the brown weather bite by the brown weather, how to control the Brian wetter spot, and then some other useful information. Brown where the spiders are often brown to tan in color with small black spots on the abdomen. The brown widow is one of the five species or winter spiders in the United States. And we have the brown winter in Georgia and Alabama. This Florida is this spot it has been in Florida for many years, but now it’s working its way north. It is thought that the brown winter spot actually came from Africa. The bike from a brown winter spider is not near as painful as bikes from the black winter. You may feel a Pin Light prick from a bike, but some people do not feel anything when they’re bitten. A bike can be identified as a red spot and often has red streaks running away from the bite. You should seek medical attention even if the bite is not painful. Dust and crack and crevice of will control spiders much better than liquid chemicals for insects, as they have very little effect on the spiders. However I found by using repellent insecticides label for spiders in corners and other potential harbored use for spiders can reduce the number of spiders in a house sealing cracks and crevices on the inside as well the outside of the house or how it reduces the places that spiders can hide. A clean house that is not cluttered is one of the best defenses for not having brown whether spiders will use cobweb dusters on the outside of our customers homes. We remove spiderwebs and encourage our customers to use balloons on the inside of their home to do the same thing. Several years ago one of my technicians told me she had found a brown a brown water spot in a house. I knew that Brown would have Spider was in Florida, but I did not know that it was in Georgia Alabama. Sure enough, it in fact turned out to be a brown with a spider. I’m just thankful that the bite is not nearly as bad as is for its cousin, the black widow spider. This is Roger tanker at all star pest control, and in fact never be any help. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you

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