Does Columbus Georgia Home Owners Really Need Pest Control

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of All Star Pest control in Columbus, Georgia. I often hear, do I really need pest control? Well, yes, you do. I have never inspected a house for not found some kind of pest and that out. Now, think about a house you’ve been to that’s nice. But it has all kinds of bugs in it. They know they need pest control, but they keep putting it off. And now you see how bad it looks. That house was brand new at one time and had no bugs in it. If they had started a pest control service, then there would not be any bugs in that house. Now. The right way to do pest control was before a problem presents itself. A routine inspection of the premises, followed by control measures, as needed will help keep a home pest free, and you will use less pesticide. It will take a large amount of pesticide once a pest population has established itself. And problems do not disappear overnight. The old saying is true that it’s easy to keep up, then catch up. There are folks out there that have time to service their own home on a regular basis. I personally recommend doing that on the same day each month so you don’t forget to do it. Once you get in the habit of mission, you will have a habit of mission, then the bugs will take over. I salute those that can remember to service their homes on a regular basis. Because if they do, they don’t have bugs. If you find you do not have the time or the patience to do your own pest control, I would hire a company that does monthly service and not quarterly service. You get better control and you will use less pesticide because of the inspections and monitoring. That is done more often. I saw a sign in Baton Rouge Louisiana that read Cheap Pest Control is not good. And good pest control is not cheap. That does not mean that the hash price is always the best either. You need to look for a company with the best value for your heard on dollar with a rock solid guarantee. I invite you to go to the All Star pest control webpage and read I guarantee that is in writing. It will amaze you. I promise you if you read that, whether you call or not it will amaze you. This is Roger tanker. Contact me if I answer any questions that you have to help you in any way. Thank you

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