Fleas On Your Columbus Georgia Dogs

Hello, this is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I’m going to be discussing fleas on dogs. What you need to know and how to get rid of them plays a tiny, wingless insects that live on the blood of mammals. They are most common external parasite of dogs, and can cause a number of problems, including aging, skin irritation, and other problems. Fleas can also transmit disease to dogs such as tapeworm, and typhus. How to dog get fleas. Dogs can get fleas anywhere, but they are most likely to pick them up in areas where other animals congregate, such as parks, dog runs and kennels. Fleas can also jump from infested animals to humans. signs for fleas on dogs, the most common sign of fleas is itching. Dogs with fleas may scratch excessively, especially around the base of the tail. And on the hind quarters of the signs of fleas include restlessness of the dog, visible flea or flea dirt, which is small black specks that appear to look like pepper on the dog fur, and so forth. Hair loss, skin irritation and sores. How to get rid of fleas on dogs. If your dog has fleas, it’s important to treat them immediately. To prevent the problem from getting worse. There are a number of different flea treatments are available including topical treatments. These treatments are applied to the dog’s skin and kill fleas and flea eggs on contact. topical treatments are an effective way to get rid of fleas, but they can be expensive. Oral medications or medications kill fleas and flea eggs that the dog ingest, or medications are typically less expensive than topical treatments, but they may take a few days to work a little later on. I’m going to scratch very briefly a way to keep the fleas off your dog. But part of my recommendation is there are several different products out there that the patch can take monthly or quarterly. And regardless of anything else that you’re doing, I do recommend those now flea shampoos and sprays, flea shampoos and sprays can be used to kill fleas on the dog dog’s body. But they’re not nearly as effective as a topical treatment or oral medications for preventing reinfestation the best way to prevent fleas on a dog is to use a year round flea protection program. In addition to treating your dog with a fleet product, you should also back in your home thoroughly and wash your dog’s bedding and hot water to kill any fleas that may be present. If you have a yard, it’s very advisable that the yard is treated to prevent fleas too. Fleas can be a nuisance, but they’re relatively easy to get rid of by using the right treatment. If you think your dog has fleas, I would suggest that you first verify that they’ve got plays with a veterinarian. And what I want to tell you is generally if you have pets, you will have to treat for fleas. And if you live in the South that can be your route. We have a flea maintenance program there our customers love because it has a 12 month guarantee. And that has worked extremely well for a lot of folks. This is Roger Tinker at all star pest control and if I can help you with anything, please feel free to contact me

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