Termites are Swarming In Columbus Georgia, Are You Protected?

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. I would like to talk about swarming termites. And of course first question is when do termites he feel look at a lot of books, I’ll tell you from March, April to June or July, I will tell you after over 40 years of dealing in the pest control business, that I have seen termites forming January, and February and in fact, this year, we begin to get calls about termites swarming in February. I have seen them swarm all the way up through September and October. There are many factors that control this, but one of them is gonna be the weather and the humidity. Now, the next question is why do termite swarm termites swarm for the survival of the species. In other words, the male and female swarm out they made and start a new colony, they probably left a colony with somewhere around a million termites in it. And in just a few years, they’ll build another colony with a million or more termites in it. Now the question is, how do I tell the difference between an ant and a termite because a lot of times the swarms will look the same. Even as somebody that has seen a lot of rooms, what you need is a three or $4 magnifying glass and you catch the suspect, whether it’s an ant or termites, and put it under the magnifying glass, just a real simple glass, like you buy into Office Depot or so forth. If it’s a termite, that the body length, the size of the body is gonna be the same. In other words, a waist is gonna be the same size as the rest of it. The antennae on a termite is gonna be straight, and there’s gonna be four wings at a equal length. Now, termites can be the homeowners best friend, because they’re the ones that swarm not termites are not your friend. But once the termites are in the house, the ones that swarm will tell you we are here, do something about us. The ones that swarm do not do any damage and killing them with RAID is like a BandAid on a diet with a big hole in it. The termites that do the damage you never see. And of course, in that case, you would need to call a professional and have them identify and tell you what you need to do. On the other hand, if you look at it with your magnifying glass and the center of the at the waist is pinched, and I mean pinched almost to the size of a needle and the antennae is elbow shaped. And the wings are different sizes. You’ve got some relief because you’ve got an ant. Now ants can do some damage. They’ll get into electrical boxes and so forth and shorter mail. But generally that’s not near as expensive as if you’ve got termites. This is Roger tankard All Star pest control. And if we ever help you please give us a call

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