All Star Pest Control Columbus Ga Podcast with Roger Tinker

Hello, everybody, and welcome to the All Star Pest Control podcast with your host, Mike Stewart, and our expert pest control, man, Roger Tinker all the way down in Columbus, Georgia.

Are you there? Roger,

I am here.

Well, this is going to be our first podcast and our first blog post. So why don’t you tell folks, so anybody in the Columbus area that doesn’t know about all star pest, tell us a little bit about the company. Little little how you got into it. And you know, what you’re looking for, to let folks know in the Columbus area about All Star Pest Control?

Well, in 1979, a friend of mine, Lester Martin, and I formed Star Pest control. And in 1984, my wife and I made the decision to move to Columbus to look after her grandparents. And when we came to Columbus, very frankly, I couldn’t be Star Pest Control, but I wanted to be the best. So we named the company All Star Pest Control and haven’t looked back since. And  the first employee that I was able to hire was a lady. And from that point on, I continue to hire ladies because they do such a fantastic job of service from the accounts.

Wow, you’re probably one of the only PCOs in the world that has a tech team of ladies that do a fantastic job. What’s the expertise and what what kind of problems are in Columbus do you guys solve when it comes to bugs?

You know, years ago, everybody just dealt with roaches. And as a business progressed, we have a lot of ants here in the area. folks don’t think about scorpions, but in Columbus and up in the Warm Springs area and Hamilton there are scorpions, and  spiders are always a main concern. This time of the year, we’ve got rats trying to come inside the house. And of course, we try to teach our customers to bait the  rodents outside rather than inside of the house. Because if you simply bate inside, you teach them to come inside and I’d rather have them outside. So those are just a few of the problems that we run into.

Well, you know, I look forward to doing this podcast with you. We’re going to be talking about all kinds of unique problems to folks in Columbus, Georgia. And I know you guys are the experts to solve pest problems. So any final words you want to say before we get started with this podcast?

I look forward to giving information out and helping my customers while learning how to do podcast!

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