Monthly Pest Control Service For Columbus Georgia Is The Best Protection Money Can Buy!

I want to talk about monthly pest control? Today, monthly pest control is necessary to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our customers. This does not mean that you hose a house down with tons of chemicals every month. The proper way is that monthly inspection and service of your home allows your pest management specialists to monitor and then prevent most problems before they appear. Let me explain why I do not like quarterly service is I have several reasons. Number one, my experience has taught me that pesticides designed to last 30 days do not. Pesticides designed to last 90 days trained to last about 40 or 45 days and then break down. Now, chemical manufacturers would argue with me, but they do tests and laboratory controlled environments. My finding comes from 40 plus years in servicing homes. Number two, recently a good friend of mine that also has many years in pest control, told me of the financial advantages of quarterly pest control. I asked him what his extra service rate was meaning how many customers needed service again, before the 90 days was up. He was proud to tell me that only about 20% needed an extra service. I’m also told that the average is about 35% for most companies doing quarterly service. number three, and this leads me to number three, for our monthly service. Our service rate is under 2%. doing monthly service. Why? Because we are able to monitor the prevent most problems before they appear. And we use products last a little longer than 30 days so that there is no lapse in coverage. For what this means is less than two out of every 100 customers need extra service on a monthly program. About 35 out of every 100 customers need extra service on the quarterly service programs. Number five, we’re able to be more familiar with your home coming monthly rather than quarterly, which means we can remember any problems area better. Number six, our customers know exactly when we are coming each month and they do not have to remember, if this is a month away if we forgot to call them, In conclusion, which is number seven, we try to provide the very best service so that our customers get the best value for their hard earned dollar. This is Roger Tinker. owner and general manager of All Star Pest Control in Columbus, Georgia. Thank you for your time.

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