Carpenter Bees Attack Your Columbus Ga Home, What To Do?

This is Roger Tinker. And I want to talk about carpenter bees to be used today. Generally, we’re going to think about or get concerned about carpenter bees in the early spring time of the year. And we’d like to share why you see them in spring time, what they look like what they do and how to protect your home from them. There is a six to eight week period that carpenter bees come out it was to mate and are searching for untreated wood more into to deposit eggs into there 7 species in the United States. In Georgia and Alabama, we have the eastern species virginica. These carpenter bees are from one half to one inch in size. The male has a yellow face and has no stinger. The female has a black face with his stinger that she rarely uses. In the spring, the female searches for wooden structures to bore a four to six inch galley as a place to deposit an egg along we be bread, which is a mixture of pollen and honey used to feed the lobby and the workers so that when the lobby hatches from the egg, they will have food to survive the 45 days while in the larval stage. There’s a better way to protect your home from carpenter bees in spraying the wood. carpenter bees rally attack painted wood. If they attack painted woods because of paint on the wood is not very good. Good quality paint on the wood will prevent most attacks from carpenter bees. I had a customer that paid me every year to spray his log cabin to stop the carpenter bees. I told him each year that if he would varnish the wood, the carpenter base would leave it alone. He did not want to varnish it so I continued to spray annually for him. Well, he died and his wife sold the cabin. I told the new customer they have he varnished the logs, the carpenter bees were not attack them. The new owner promptly had the logs varnished, and has not had any attacks on carpenter bees on his log cabin. There’s always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, carpenter bees will not attack wood that is well painted, particularly enamel paint. If you do have to spray. Do not fill the holes after you spray so that you can kill the Queen as well as the larvae. Always follow the label the pesticide and try to select one that will allow you to apply more than once. This is Roger Tinker owner and general manager of all star pest control. If you have any questions, please feel free to tell me thank you for your time.

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