Columbus, There is a Rise in Formosan Termites

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of all star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today, I want to talk about Formosan termites. Not so much biology or treatment methods or anything else. But the fact that I’m concerned that I am seeing more infestations up almost from termites. When I started in the business in 1979, we did not even know the existence of Formosan termites because we did not run into them. In 1987, when all star pest control was founded, we still did not run into Formosan termites. Somewhere in the early 2000s. Four motions begin to appear in Columbus. Now, we were aware that they were in Florida, we were aware of remote infestation job them. But I remember being invited having the privilege to be invited to meet with the state of Georgia, and a household off Anglin road right here in Columbus, Georgia, where I found a competitor had a house for Formosan termites. And Dr. Dan Sudha and Dr. Brian Forcella, from the University of Georgia, along with officials of the Department of Agriculture went to this house. And by the methods that were known, traded the house in fact, this was such a new phenomenon that the folks at make Termidor furnished the chemical and gave assistance in trading this house. And much was learned from that. The problem with four motions is it they eat much quicker than our native Eastern subterranean termite. Now the full motion is subterranean termite, but not on native Eastern. The other thing is, is that the Formosan has the ability to bail carton Nast and the wall. So if you do a normal treatment, and do not use a moisture meter, or other methods to detect a carton as you can treat the house, and the four motions are still there eating. So we need to be aware. And if the company that you’re using says you have for most and by all means don’t think about it, don’t put the job off, go ahead and have it traded, because they are much much more destructive than I Eastern subterranean termite. Now, Eastern subterranean termite is very distracting. But if you did it by five or 10 times that would describe the full motion. I will talk just a minute on treatment methods in need a good liquid barrier around the house to stop the four motions. And then we also use a bait system. So we’ve kind of got a one two punch over a few years a liquid or loses its strength. And abate system is a little slower, but it continues to control them. So we have the idea that you knock them out and you keep them out. If you have a problem, we’d certainly like for you to call all star pest control. We do not charge to do the initial inspection tell you what you have. But if you don’t choose us, call your favorite company and make sure that you do not have Formosan termites in your house. If I can be of any help player, please feel free to call me. You can look us up on our website. Thank you

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