New Bed Bug Treatment Now Here In Columbus Georgia

This is Roger Tinker, owner and manager of All Star Pest Control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I want to talk about a new method that we have found to help or not only to help but to control bedbugs in a home. In the past, the only way we had found that would work on bedbugs. And I’ll say up front, that normal chemical sprays do not work on bedbugs because if they did, folks, we’re not have to use professionals to control them. For several years now we’ve used method of using steam and a vacuum cleaner. And to go into a home and perform this after the customer had done a lot of homework. And I mean, laundry and all the clothes moving stuff out of closets. And getting the house ready. It took the customer a day or two to get the house ready. And then it took for people to go in with two vacuum cleaners. And two steamers and stain every bit of furniture. Every crack and crevice in the house. Now the results was when you got done the bedbugs were gone immediately. And that’s a good thing. The thing that is, to me, a negative thing is that if for days after we got the bedbugs out of the house, if somebody brought bedbugs in, you had to do the whole process all over again. And then any method, it is certainly important to make sure you find out how the bedbugs got in the house. Questions that we normally asked or did somebody visits you? Did you stay in a motel has somebody visited you that works in a nursing home or other places like that where there’s possibly bedbugs. So you need to find the source before you treat and stop that source. There is a new product that we have tested for several months now. And I’ve had a lot of success with it. And that is a product call apprehend. And I would invite you to go to the apprehend website and spend 20 to 30 minutes and learn about that product. Now, they only allow professionals to buy that product. But looking at the website would give you an idea of what’s involved. The advantage of this product is that it can be done in one day by one person. We still have to vacuum and we treat. But this is a different method of trading. Now with this particular product, it does take up to 14 days for all the bedbugs to be gone. On the passive side of that though, this product does leave a 90 day residual, which means that we keep telling the bedbugs for 90 days. So we’re fault four days later, somebody did bring in a bedbug, they would also die. The fact that it takes only one person to do the treatment versus four means it the treatment cost a lot less money. And this for a lot of people is very very important. We searched hard it it it broke my heart the amount of money that you have to charge to do the stain but that was only thing we had at the time. I’m very pleased to have the apprehends available to us and we are an authorized trader for this program. If you have any questions about bed bugs, please feel free to call me and I am very happy to have this product now available

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