Wood Skirting is Needed for Your Columbus Ga. Home

Hi, this is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of off star pest control in Columbus, Georgia. Today, I want to talk about the underpinning of mobile homes or modular homes using wood or plywood around the trailer. That is an absolute no, no. And I see this happen so many times, get a call that there’s been a swarm go out to a home that people are proud of, and they should be they bought a home. And when a drive up, already know what the problem is, because we’ve got wood that touches a trailer in direct contact with the ground. Now, you know, if you go in the woods and pick up a board, and turn it over and see the white look and insects that you might think I asked, that’s actually termites. And what you may or may not notice is is a bunch of mud on the bottom of that board. So you put that board on the ground where the termite colonies are, and they’re gonna have a feast. By the same token, you put water on the ground that’s attached to a home, the termites are gonna find it, and then they will tunnel up because I tunnel and mud tubes to protect themselves. They’re going to tunnel up into the home and into the walls. And they’re going to do damage to that home. And that probably would not have happened if we use some tn, or some plastic or some type of skirting that is not made out of wood. So the bottom line here is you don’t want wood touching the ground that touches a home. I recently visited a home where there was a vast infestation. And it made me think that I need to maybe tell folks, I don’t need to do that. And talking with a homeowner, he was talking about another mobile home that he had, and that the living room wall had to be replaced because it would eat up with termites. And he thought that the home couldn’t get termites because it had a metal frame. But the bottom line is, termites are built many feet in the air just to get to a piece of wood. So the masters to take away from this is Please do not put wood skirting around any type of structure, whether it be a mobile home, or a house or anything else. There are other methods that would not be as we call a condition conducive to an infestation. This is Roger tenker signing off and if I can ever help you be sure to give me a call or contact me. Thank you for your time.

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