Termite Treatments In Columbus Georgia Explaind

Hello, this is Roger Tinker. And I want to talk to you today about termites swarms. Over a four year period. Every year, I encountered several people that say, Well, I’m okay all my termite was Raid, or Hot Shot or Black Flag or something like that. And I tried to explain to them, that […]

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Termite Letters Explained to Columbus Georgia Home Owners

This is Roger Tinker, owner and general manager of All Star Pest Control in Columbus, Georgia. Today I want to talk about termite letters or it might be called a clearance letter, or more properly known as either the official ga word infestation inspection report, or the Alabama official Alabama word infestation inspection report. Both […]

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Monthly Pest Control Service For Columbus Georgia Is The Best Protection Money Can Buy!

I want to talk about monthly pest control? Today, monthly pest control is necessary to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our customers. This does not mean that you hose a house down with tons of chemicals every month. The proper way is that monthly inspection and service of your home allows your pest […]

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All Star Pest Control Columbus Ga Podcast with Roger Tinker

Hello, everybody, and welcome to the All Star Pest Control podcast with your host, Mike Stewart, and our expert pest control, man, Roger Tinker all the way down in Columbus, Georgia. Are you there? Roger, I am here. Well, this is going to be our first podcast and our first blog post. So why don’t […]

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